Plant Manager

Plan & Create

Create Blueprints, which are strain specific roadmaps that you can develop in order to create a framework that you can follow every run. Blueprints allow you to determine every aspect of the plant’s life from start to finish, including growth stages, duration, climate targets, and task schedules. Blueprints will help you create a plan that you can stick, ensuring that every run will be a success.

Organize & Adapt

Multiple rooms and multiple batches can be overwhelming. The Plant Manager will allow you to see an overview of every active plant batch, and their current progress. We understand that sometimes, plans need to be changed. In these situations, we make it easy for you to deviate from the plan, without throwing everything else off course.

Record & Analyze

The Plant Manager includes a record for every batch in your facility. Every plant batch will include a log of every action, task, note, or measurement taken, which can be cross referenced with the climate charts. This can allow you to fine tune your blueprints, and make the next harvest even better than the last.