Plant Manager

We recently released the Plant Manager and Task manager functions on the Web Platform. This will allow you to create blueprints and set predetermined parameters for plant batches. Track all of your plant batches and record actions and notes on the Plant Log.


LabD Mobile

TARS Innovation has released 2 mobile versions of the LabD platform. "LabD Pro" will provide most of the functions available on the Web Platform. The mobile app named "LabD" will provide the same monitoring and data logging as the Pro version, without the subscription.


LabD Collaboration: NASA funded Space Tomatoes Project

Professor Martha Orozco-Cárdenas of the University of California, Riverside has commissioned LabD's system to aid in the cultivation of his NASA funded Space Tomatoes Project.


LabD Beta Version 0.8 released

LabD has officially begun our beta phase. Be among the first to try our brand new system. Beta users may qualify for discounts and promotions on our official release. For more details, send us an email at